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A Shoppers Paradise

Simplifying the Search for Unique Finds in International Destinations

For guests traveling to Europe, shopping is often a priority and what better way to shop than to have a curated experience, with unique local and international fashion and lifestyle brands in stores that are easily accessible, alongside restaurants and beautiful private places to relax during the adventure. 

We recently met with a representative of The Bicester Collection, which was founded by the same team that first developed Two Rodeo Drive – the elegant Beverly Hills shopping destination- in the early 1990s.  A platform for a new kind of shopping experience, Bicester has created 12 shopping villages in Europe and China,   including London, Paris, Milan, Munich, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels, Dublin and Shanghai and Suzhou in China.  Belmond Park Village in New York is next on the plan, opening in September 2024.

Bicester’s business is founded on an innovative spirit and a simple idea: to break the boundaries around the luxury shopping experience, while offering remarkable value.  They have created extraordinary experiences, bringing together the world’s most discerning guests and the world’s most renowned brands – often for the first time – on a journey of discovery.  Even more enticing is the opportunity to buy past years’ luxury brand goods at deep discount.

The villages are located a half hour to an hour outside the metropolitan areas.  You can arrive in comfort with a private transfer to access the village, and can arrange a personal shopping appointment, restaurant reservations and a place to relax.  The ‘Apartment’ at each location serves as a setting much like a home to use during the day of shopping.  Designed to capture the magic of the surrounding areas, the suites are beautifully appointed private spaces to unwind and enjoy refreshments, preview special collections, or meet with a personal shopper. 

Each village tells its own story, providing the the luxury traveler with authentic experiences that draw on the unique details of the surrounding landscape, architecture and local traditions.  All locations offer world-class cuisine, art and music, alongside 1300 boutiques across the collection.  The settings are remarkable; imagine a village nestled among Bavarian castles and fortresses or a Mediterranean escape with tree shaded squares, fountains and benches.

Vanity Fair’s review is simple: “These Villages are near the cities you actually want to visit, with clothes you actually want to buy, at prices you can actually afford.”

If you are visiting one of these cities, contact us to arrange your outing. (+1 760-550-1214)

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