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The largest country in South America offers stunningly diverse ecosystems, rich culture and history, white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and bustling cosmopolitan centers. From national parks in the northeast with thousand foot waterfalls, vast mountainous landscapes, deep caves, rolling white sand dunes juxtaposed with blue and green lagoons, the largest span of waterfalls on Earth in the south, and of course, the incredible flora and fauna of the Amazon rainforest and swamps of the Pantanal where jaguar trekking beckons– the wild natural terrain is yours for exploring.
The country is scattered with colonial sea towns like Paraty and Olinda: cobbled streets, whitewashed colonial buildings with colorful doors, and a slow pace of life, perfect for the photographer, historian and tourist. These quaint towns  contrast with the cosmopolitan epicenters of the country: São Paulo known for its food scene, electric nightlife, and masterful street art, Salvador for its lively Afro-Brazilian culture embracing the dance of the samba, the art of capoeira, and home to beautiful, remote beaches and islands, or Rio de Janeiro, the city of mesmerizing beauty with mountains formed like mounds of sugar cascading into the sea, sprinkled with lights and woven with the white and black tiles of the Copacabana promenades and long beach stretches, all set against the backdrop of the colorful favelas spilling off the hillsides above. It is in these cities you will discover a nation alive with the sound of samba, the aroma of churrasco, the refreshing taste of caipirinhas, and the welcoming embrace of the warm Brazilian people.

What’s To Love in Brazil


Explore the Amazon

Spend a few nights in a stilted lodge hidden in the rainforest or aboard a river cruise, as you explore all the rainforest has to offer - hike through the drylands learning about the flora, fauna, and medicinal herbs, search for the pink dolphin, fish for piranha, take a nocturnal walk to spot birds, sloths, and alligators or simply relax amongst the tranquility of nature with fabulous food, great company, and exceptional wildlife.

Visit the Pantanal for the Magniifcent Wildlife

During your stay in the Pantanal, enjoy a water safari along the Cuiaba River where you are likely to spot a number of fascinating and rare creatures, including the  elusive jaguar lurking along the riverbanks.

Image by Martin Brechtl
Image by Christine Mendoza

Ride a Horse in the Wildnerness

 Mount a docile Pantaneiro as you explore the hard to reach areas of the Pantanal plain and wetlands with its incredible wildlife and variety of ecosystems from an entirely new perspective.

Rock Out in Rio

Explore the country’s most famed city getting lost in the markets, shops and beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana promenade. Take the cable car up to Sugarloaf Mountain, and of course hike to the summit of Mount Corcovado to witness the majestic Christ the Redeemer statue with his arms stretched wide over the glistening city below.


Party with the Locals

While many areas throughout Brazil host lively carnival celebrations, Rio de Janeiro takes the cake with its world-renowned party featuring professional samba schools, elaborate floats, sparkling costumes, and seemingly never ending street parties.

Become One with the Locals in Trancoso

North of Rio lies a quaint coastal town home where former fisherman's homes have been converted to beautiful cottages and villas. The town promises  pristine beaches, unassuming cafes, bohemian vibes, and locals encouraging you to embrace the easy way of life. The perfect place to kick back and relax after your jungle adventures and cosmopolitan rush.


Iquazu Falls

Bordering Argentina in the south of Brazil, is a breathtaking stretch of waterfalls stretching more than a mile and consisting of over 275 individual cascades making up the longest waterfall on Earth.  

Learn Samba in Salvador de Bahia

The former slave port now stands as a vibrant Afro-Brazilian community characterized by colonial architecture, ostentatious gold churches, Candomblé religious ceremonies, capoeira performances, lively streets filled with samba dancing and drum circles, and of course the stunning remote beaches and islands off the coast.

Brazil01Jan 7, 20131226.tif
Image by Felipe Vieira

Party in Paraty

Along the southeast coast sits the beautiful colonial town of Paraty, a picturesque community with whitewashed buildings contrasted with vibrantly colored doors and window sills, winding cobblestone streets filled with cafes, shops, galleries, samba music, and home to the national drink of cachaça which was once referred to as ‘Paraty’.

Soar Over the Favelas

Paragliding and Hangliding are popular extreme adventure sports where you can tandem with an expereinced pilot.


Get Rowdy in Estadio Macarana

Not for the faint of heart, enjoy a futbol match but make sure to sit in the cheap seats!

Discover Florianoplis

 Situated in the south of the country, ‘Floripa’ is known for its immaculate landscapes filled with fabulous hikes and perfect beaches, quaint surfing towns, incredible seafood, and easygoing community. 

Image by Mohsen Ben Cheikh

Helpful Information


 There is really no bad time to visit Brazil, a large country with varying climates. In general, it is best to keep in mind that intermittent showers can be common during the months of June, July, and December. And if the Pantanal is on your list, consider traveling during the dry season that stretches from May through October. 

If you are planning your travels around the festive dates of Christmas, New Years or Carnival, be cognizant that this time of year can be the busiest and we advise booking as far in advance as possible.

Budget Planning

Typically for the type of Custom Itineraries we build, prices in Brazil can run from $600 - $1,200 + USD per person per day, primarily dependent upon regional flights, destinations, lodging, activities, time of year, and single or double occupancy. Quoted Tour prices include accommodations, guides, excursions, park entrance and conservation fees, equipment rental, ground transfers, all breakfasts and in some remote areas like the Amazon or the Pantanal all meals as well.
Tour proposals exclude international flights, travel insurance, and gratuities. Each proposal will detail all inclusions and exclusions for clarity.

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