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Why Choose Us?




When you embark upon your journey, be assured that all the details have been fully coordinated and choreographed. No need to worry that some piece of the puzzle is missing or someone you contacted via the internet doesn’t show up.

 If there is a wrinkle in the logistics, you can be assured that our partner on the ground has already planned a solution. If you wish to make changes, you have a local resource who can make it happen.

  • We have set a high threshold for selecting and vetting reputable partners at the destination and continually re-evaluate their service, timely response, access to the best properties and their ability to showcase new products and experiences.

  • We provide VIP meet and greet and fast track assistance through airports

  • Our business insurance and secure financial systems are in place to protect your investment, and we can provide comprehensive travel insurance.

  • Because we have partners in the destination, we have up to date information about regional news that may affect travel, and our partners are seasoned at providing necessary work-arounds.

  • While traveling you will have full local contact details for our partner, a 24/7 afterhours and emergency line, as well as contact details for your local guide.


You can rely on recommendations based on the direct experience of the Latitude team and our on-the-ground partners, rather than relying on anonymous traveler reviews or a one- time traveler’s perspective. Our knowledge and relationships enable us to match clients with the right activities and properties within their budget and suited to their desired mode of travel and activity.

  • Continuing education is  a vital component of service offerings and destination knowledge:

  • We attend Travel Conferences throughout the world where we meet and vet suppliers, hotel operators, property owners and excursion leaders.

  • We travel multiple times per year on Familiarization Trips to destinations we represent

  • We participate in weekly webinars and face to face meetings with our in country destination experts to remain up to date on opportunities, properties and pricing

  • We have up to date restaurant and club recommendations, difficult to navigate or trust through an internet search.

Image by Heidi Fin


Unique experiences, cultural immersion and off-the- beaten tracks are hard to find on the internet. Everyone else is looking at the same thing! 

We can make sure your money is spent where it is most important to you and within your budget.

  • Many of the properties and experiences we provide cannot be found on the internet, or they are lost in the plethora of choices. Most of our partners only sell B2B: to tour operators and travel agents, not B2C.

  • We focus on environment, community and conservation, enabling immersion into the communities, off the beaten track experiences, and the joy of “giving back” to those less fortunate.

  • We receive preferential pricing through our partners to secure the best value for clients. 

  • Our partners offer destination discounts and deals based on seasonality and occupancy rates. Often times we can obtain discounts by coupling shared properties within an itinerary.


VIP access to events and attractions that expedites entry, provides a more intimate setting and avoids the crowds can make a big positive difference in the overall experience when visiting popular attractions.

  • Our partners provide VIP services for hard to book venues; they have the ability to pre-book to avoid long lines at ticket counters and provide preferential seating and behind the scenes access. Seasoned guides are able to maneuver the lines and have a local network of insiders.

Camel Tour


When planning a trip for your family or a group of friends you can focus on the vision and leave the details and “herding the cats” to us. As the travel designer you will receive the “kudos” without the headaches.

  • Based on your vision, ideas and research we can broaden your knowledge, provide alternatives and fine tune the logistics. We ask Questions. You Ask Questions. We work together.

  • We produce a beautiful presentation of your itinerary, with pictures, maps, packing lists, destination highlights, weather and general country information. 

  • We collect information: passports, dietary requirements, medical conditions; we process credit cards, provide direction on travel insurance 

  • We can customize different excursion options for individuals within the group to meet specific requests or limitations

  • On larger groups of friends, we can offer travel discounts to you as the travel designer

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