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Guatemala shares borders with Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador, and has coastline on both the Pacific Ocean and The Caribbean. It is a mountainous country, except for its coasts and the northern lowlands.  Guatemala is defined by the influence of the ancient Mayan civilization, which settled here from 2000 BC to 900 AD. Mayan traditions, architecture and food connect the people and culture in a way that is both colorful and authentic. The country was also influenced by the Spanish who began to colonize Guatemala as early as the 1500s. Antigua, Guatemala's most visited city is charming, picturesque and inviting. Surrounded by farmlands and volcanoes it’s cobblestone streets and colonial buildings offer striking photographic opportunities. Lake Atitlan, a deep lake surrounded by volcanoes is also a draw with excursions to Mayan villages and numerous water sport activities. For classic Maya architecture, the temple complex of Tikal in the northern jungle of the Peten region is a highlight as well.

What’s To Love in Guatemala


Discover the Secrets of Antiqua's History and Art

Admire the colonial architecture of the 16th century churches, buildings, fine arts, terra-cotta ceramics, wooden sculptures and a great variety of traditional weavings.

Be Festive with the Locals

Sumpango is the perfect location for travelers to witness the village's unique Day of Dead traditions. Locals paint their faces and wear flowers and costumes to celebrate. They also gather outside the village where members of the community have designed hundreds of elaborate and intricate kites that are released on a sacred hill next to the cemetery.

All Saints Day in Guatemala. In Sumpango
Image by Arturo Rivera

Shop Village Markets

Visit a market with locals dressed in their traditional attires from the surrounding villages. You can find all sort of products including produce, live animals, fabrics, traditional garments, and herbal medicines.

Visit Cerro de Oro’s Door to the Underworld

Partake in an ancient ceremony with a shaman to receive blessings and good fortune.

shamanic drum and shamanic feathers on d

Enjoy Sunrise and Sunset in Tikal

Tikal is an archaeological site and ancient ceremonial center of Mayan civilization situated Peten in the northeast.  This site offers a mixture of archaeology, beautiful landscapes and eco-tourism with more than 500 structures to investigate.

Paddle in Peace

Kayak Lake Atitlan with stunning views of surrounding volcanoes.

San Juan La Laguna.JPG

Buy Some Gifts

Head to San Juan la Laguna to meet Mayan textile artisans from the cooperative Mayan Traditions. Learn about their intricate process to produce colorful fabrics and select some gifts for home.

Picnic at Pacaya

Following a hike up the Pacaya Volcano, enjoy lunch at the viewpoint high above Lake Atitlan.

View of Lake Atitan and Volcanoes.jpg

Helpful Information


It's best to visit Guatemala in the Months of November through May as temperatures are moderate, 70s to 80s for a high and skies are clear. In the summer months it is very hot and rainy.

Budget Planning

Typically for the type of Custom Itineraries we build, prices in Guatemala can run from $500 - $700 + USD per person per day, primarily dependent upon destinations, time of year, single or double occupancy, lodging style, and included activities. Quoted Tour prices include accommodations, required regional flights, guides, excursions, entrance fees, ground transfers and breakfasts at hotels.
Tour proposals exclude international flights, travel insurance, and gratuities. Each proposal will detail all inclusions and exclusions for clarity.

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