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Sri Lanka, an island in the Indian Ocean, located south of the Indian subcontinent, is also known as the Island of Serendipity, signaling spiritual tranquility and rediscovery. There is much to experience on this captivating and breath taking destination known for its ancient ruins, British Colonial influence, endless beaches, numerous water sports, imposing mountains, dense wildlife, diverse ethnic groups, colorful festivals, and friendly locals. The combination of lush landscape, rich culture and varied wildlife make it a rewarding photographic destination.

What’s To Love in Sri Lanka


Visit the Fortress in the Sky

Sigiriya is referred to as the " Eight Wonder of the World". Enjoy the lush gardens and contemplate the majestic palace built in the 5th Century as evidenced by the foundations remaining.

Attend the 'Gathering'

The Minneriya resevoir is home to thousands of elephants, where one can witness herds of 300-400 socializing, bathing, drinking and perhaps looking for a mate.

Image by Rajiv Perera

Enjoy the Traditional and Colorful Dances

The Kandy Lake Club Dance Troupe offers a vibrant show with as many as 12 different traditional dances in the span of an hour.

Trek Horton Plains

This national park offers a variety of beautiful photographic, hiking and wildlife viewing opportunities through forests, jungles, along marshes and streams up sheer cliffs, above tea plantations below.

Image by Moha Max
Image by Yale Cohen

Watch the Dolphins and Whales

Take an early morning whale watching excursion to spot Blue, Bryde's Sperm and Fin Whales off the Southwest coast. Spinner, Bottlenose, Common and Striped Dolphins are always a treat as well.

Snorkel or Dive in the Marine Rich Waters 

The island's vast coastline offers a vibrant marine life including five of the eight species of sea turtles that frequent the southern shores.

Image by Mika
Image by Geoff Brooks

Try Your Luck at Spotting a Spotted Creature 

Yala National Park is a nature reserve that protects one of the highest densities of leopards in the world with excellent visibilty throughout the year.

Visit One of the Many UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The documented  history of Sri Lanka dates back to the 3rd century BC when the island was one of the most advanced and developed nations of the pre-modern world. From fortresses, to palaces, to caves and medieval cities one can enjoy magnificent feats of architecture and art.

See Some Incredible Wildlife and Flora in Sri Lanka's Rain Forest

Home to 500 species of Sri Lanka's 830 indigenous flowers, and half the population or endemic mallas, birds and butterflies, Sinharaja is a must see destination.

Helpful Information


Sri Lanka is generally a hot tropical climate with temperatures year round in the 80s and 90s. The rainy season differs by region, with the best time to avoid monsoon in the Southwest during the months of  October through April and the Northeast March through November.

Budget Planning

Typically for the type of Custom Itineraries we build, prices in Sri Lanka can run from $500 - $700 + USD per person per day, primarily dependent upon destinations, lodging, activities, time of year, and single or double occupancy. Quoted Tour prices include accommodations, guides, excursions, park entrance and conservation fees, equipment rental, ground transfers, and in high end resorts most meals and some beverages.
Tour proposals exclude international flights, travel insurance, and gratuities. Each proposal will detail all inclusions and exclusions for clarity.

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