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Famed for Victoria Falls and its incredible abundance of game, Zambia is  a less traveled jewel among African countries. Perched above Botswana and Zimbabwe, the country is home to the largest waterfall on Earth and an unparalleled safari experience. The Falls boast endless activities to keep you entertained from relaxing sunset cruises with a cocktail in hand to the thrill of swimming to the waters edge in the ‘Devil’s Pool’. Spend a few nights at the Falls in a waterfront suite along the mighty Zambezi River, a perfect destination for the whole family, a romantic couple’s getaway, or simply a stop-over between countries.
For those seeking safari, there is arguably no better place. Defined by its ‘back to the bush’ style of lodging, with many camps built from thatch each season, Zambia embraces the romantic style of the traditional safari where guests can detach and fully enjoy their surroundings. Home to the walking safari, Zambia offers spectacular game viewing by foot, vehicle, and boat amid  incredible national parks. Take a drive through South Luangwa National Park where lions are plentiful and leopards are literally falling (or rather hanging) out of the trees. Take your camera to a hide and sit camouflaged just feet away from hippos and crocs basking in the sun. Partake in a walking safari with some of the most qualified guides in Africa as you track animals on foot, or for those truly adventurous, spend an evening exposed to the pristine night sky lulled to sleep by the sound of distant nocturnal animals. Venture down to Lower Zambezi National Park where you can try your hand at angling for Tigerfish, hop aboard a canoe safari and gaze at elephants grazing on the tranquil banks and hippos bobbing out of the water inches from your vessel, or pamper yourself with some champagne while you enjoy sunset on a river cruise. Don’t be surprised if elephants join you for breakfast or dinner at camp, for in Zambia, you will truly feel that you are one with the wild.

What’s To Love in Zambia

Image by Jeff Griffith

Canoe Safari on the Zambezi

Hop aboard a canoe with your guide and paddle down a serene channel of the Zambezi as you watch crocs bask on the warm banks, elephants and buffalo graze in the light, and hippos peer from beneath the surface as they escape the heat.

Close Up Views From a Hide

Famed in the South Luangwa, sit camouflaged in a (canvas) structure along the banks to view hippos, crocs, buffalo, and more at eye-level. If you are traveling in September, opt for a morning visit to a carmine bee-eater hide where you will be stunned by the vastness, vibrant colors, and symphony of the colony.

Image by Tobias Adam

Safari on Foot

Venture into the wilderness of South Luangwa National Park on foot as your highly trained guide explains the nuances of the habitat in which Africa’s wildlife live, even stopping to show you how to track its largest predators!

Sleep Out

Spend an evening under the stars in a beautifully canopied bed set amidst the treetops or far above an expansive field, as you view the crystal clear night sky and let the sounds of nocturnal Africa lull you to sleep.

Image by Jeremy Thomas

Visit Devil's Pool at Vic Falls

Take a tour of Livingstone Island, where David Livingstone first viewed the Falls, before plunging into the famous ‘Devil’s Pool’, embedded at the edge of the raging river for an unforgettable shot in the Falls

Enjoy a Sunset Cocktail in a River Cruise

What better way to watch the sunset than with a cocktail in hand, drifting along the Zambezi River! Available both at the Falls and in the Lower Zambezi. 


Take a Night Drive

In private concessions you can enjoy a night drive to see the nocturnal animals in action. Surprise a Hyena taking a midnight dip!

Visit a Local Community

Walk to school with some children; enjoy their welcome. Visit some of the families in a nearby village. Share the love and let them practice some English!


Helpful Information


For Safari, the best time to travel is during the dry season that spans from June through October with the peak months for game viewing being August and September when the terrain is dry and the heat is bearable. If you are desiring to see the incredible carmine bee eaters during nesting season, aim for September! Most camps in Zambia are closed during the rainy/flooding season during the months of November through April, although a few in South Luangwa stay open year round
For the Falls, there is really no bad time to go. However, if you want to see the Falls in their full glory, consider traveling when the water volume is at its highest, January through June. Do keep in mind that some activities are only available during certain times of the year when water levels are suitable, for example, rafting is best between July and January and Devil’s Pool is often only open between August and January.

Budget Planning

Typically for the type of Custom Itineraries we build, prices in Zambia can run from $800 - $2,000 + USD per person per day, primarily dependent upon if you are traveling to the Falls or safari, time of year, single or double occupancy, lodging style, and included activities. Quoted Tour prices include camps and lodges, guides, excursions, park entrance and conservation fees, equipment rental, ground transfers, all meals, all beverages including local alcoholic beverages. Excluded in this estimate are regional flights, as season and destinations will factor into the number of flight segments required and could run in the $200-350 range per segment.

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