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Live your inner ‘Indiana Jones’

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Latitude Expeditions, in partnership with Ancient Odysseys, is offering a unique step back into history of the Inca civilization with a “bucket list” trip to Machu Picchu combined with a

hands-on archeological expedition (“dig”). Highlights include: visit to Cusco, a 1-day hike on the Inca Trail through the Sun Gate to Machu Picchu, next day exploration of Machu Picchu, a Pachamama/shaman ceremony, traditional cooking class, and architectural tours of old and new world Peru.

Ancient Odysseys has arranged an archaeological conservation workshop at Cerro de Oro where guests’ hands-on participation will directly impact and benefit the work being done at this important archaeological site. The Cerro de Oro archaeological site is breathtaking - encompassing 150-hectares, and perched atop a rocky hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean with wide, still-visible walls that measure over 10 meters tall. Cerro de Oro is the largest and most influential settlement in the Cañete region and while it is very well preserved, much of the area remains unexplored. In 2013, a complex, elite tomb was found and the artifacts that were excavated are currently on exhibit in the Pachacamac Museum.

During a two-day conservation experience, you will work alongside Dr. Francesca Fernandini, a graduate of Stanford University and a professor at Pontifica Universidad Catolica del Peru. Your work will assist in research objectives to study diet, pathologies and the general way of life back in the time that people lived here. #ancientodysseys

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