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From Tierra del Fuego in the South  to Salta in the North, Argentina beckons travelers who seek nature, adventure, culture, history, food and wine. 

A nation colonized by the Spanish in the 16th and 17th centuries, Argentina opened its arms to immigrants throughout the world in the late 19th and 20th centuries, giving it a distinct European ambience.

Here, visitors can experience  a wide diversity of landscapes and nature: big city life winelands, cattle and sheep ranches, pampas grasslands, windswept barren land, foothills covered with flightless rhea and guanacos, ocean waters and shores with right whales, elephant seals and penguins, stunning mountains, ice fields, glaciers, volcanoes and crystal clear lakes. The terrain is vast and remarkable, stunning in its overwhelming mystery and beauty.

Argentinians are passionate about their culture, about Futbol, about life and are warm and welcoming to travelers, charming in their inclusiveness.

What’s To Love in Argentina

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Come to Buenos Aires to learn the Tango, a passionate dance that is an obsession among the portenos;  the very soul of Argentina

Shop in San Telmos

Shop and people watch at San Telmos Sunday market, a food, music, antique and craft market sure to provide tons of fun and bargains

Argentina01Feb 14, 20081162.tif
Image by Miguel Bruna

Visit the Recoleta Cemetery

A visit to Recoleta Cemetery is a monument to the Argentinian's love of family, having built elaborate and ornate tombs where their ancestors are buried, (and if there's room where they may be buried someday.) Even the internments that have fallen into disrepair are fascinating photgraphy.  Evita’s famous tomb attracts hundreds of visitors each day.

Glacier trek

Cross a wooden walkway to watch chunks of ice crashing off the Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia; trek past shimmering lakes, through lenga forests, in view of the majestic peaks of Mount FitzRoy in Los Glaciares National Park.

Image by Diego Jimenez

Visit Bariloche

Hike in the gentle hills and trails of Northern Patagonia, kayak in the mountain lakes, fly fish in the rivers where the trout weigh as much as 20 pounds, enjoy sumptuous dinners in this vacation paradise for locals and visitors alike

Tierra del Fuego

Venture to Tierra del Fuego located in Ushuaia the southernmost part of South America and serving as the gateway for expeditions to Antarctica. Named by Ferdinand Magellan in 1520 the bonfires built by natives sparked the name for land of fire.

Image by Loïc Mermilliod

Explore Estancia Culture

Settle into a family owned estancia and put on some chaps to ride with real cowboys or gauchos to lasso cattle, drink bitter Mate tea, and tell stories of love and loss around a roaring fire.

Horseback Ride and Mountain Trek

in Salta, located in the Northern Andes bordering Bolivia and Brazil. Stay in quaint boutique family run hotels where you can enjoy high altitude wines common to the region


Helpful Information


Seasons in South America are opposite of the US.
General guidelines for travel are as follows: 
Patagonia: Best time to travel is October through April; most properties in Southern Patagonia close Mid April through October 1. In Northern Patagonia most properties, but not all, stay open during the winter.
In northern Argentina, Salta the rainy season is January through April.
Buenos Aires and Mendoza Wine regions are fine to visit year round, but dude ranches may close for the Winter.
Ski Season is June through August.

Budget Planning

Typically for the type of Custom Itineraries we build, prices in Argentina can run from $600-1000+ per person per day. We strive to work within your budget and provide guidance on how you can achieve your goal. Traveling to Patagonia generally is more expensive than other parts of Argentina and properties must be booked further in advance.  Quoted Tour prices include hotels, required regional flights, guides, excursions, entrance fees, equipment rental, drivers and ground transfers, and daily breakfast. Depending on the itinerary many of the meals and beverages including alcoholic beverages may be built in as well.
Tour proposals exclude international flights, travel insurance, and gratuities. Each proposal will detail all inclusions and exclusions for clarity.

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