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A Week in Russia

From St. Petersburg to the town of Pushkin, from architecture to exceptional cuisine, Latitude’s own travel expert Dennis Baum led a group trip to Russia to see all that this wonderful country has to offer during one of its most favorable times of year- mid Summer (May-August).

The group’s itinerary spanned highlights including Red Square and the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, as well as the Moscow Kremlin Armory Museum and the world-famous Hermitage in St. Petersburg, one of the Top-10 museums in the world, according to National Geographic. As many visitors will enjoy, Catherine Palace (known at The Summer Palace) in the town of Pushkin provides a beautiful setting for strolling through the lush gardens on-site with ponds and bridges scattered throughout; and St. Isaac’s Cathedral serves as a destination and a beacon as the fourth largest cathedral of its type in the world—modeled after the likes of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Alongside Dennus, local guides personally led the group through Russia’s bustling cities with insider tips on the country’s history, as well as their own stories to add. In Moscow, the group was met by Nina, and in St. Petersburg, Nelli took the group through neighborhoods and famous sites, relying on their own backgrounds and experience for a truly local look into Russia.

For those still thinking about a trip, consider planning for a stay during the summer months when days are long and the weather is welcoming, allowing for walks through picturesque cityscapes and plenty of palatial settings. Dennus recommends planning your trip to St. Petersburg during the annual Festival of White Nights in June. This art festival runs during the season of the midnight sun from mid-May to late-June. Be sure to stay for the festival of the Scarlet Sails and a stunning fireworks show to round your out time in the historic city.

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