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Glamping in Baja Mexico

Review of glamping and camping in the Baja Peninsula with Latitude's partner in Mexico- Todos Santos Eco-Adventures, by Julie Scardina, Latitude Expeditions' Brand Ambassador and Founder of Mission Wildlife - December 2023


 My husband Don and I recently returned from a wonderful five-day getaway with Todos Santos Eco Adventures to La Paz and the nearby Sierra de la Laguna mountains.  Both locations were extremely scenic, and filled with great activities which kept us busy from morning through night (that’s my preference – if you’d rather nap in a hammock waiting for your next cocktail that’s certainly an option too!). 

The Sierra landscape is beautiful, filled with flowers and greenery after good rains earlier in the year.  Andrea, our terrific guide, was gregarious, energetic, knowledgeable and went above and beyond in ensuring we had everything we needed or might have wanted! She took us on great hikes, even stopping at a crystal clear pool in which we could cool off our feet.  After working up an appetite, our return was perfectly timed to go with refreshing drinks made by professional bartender Josue, and a cozy campsite fire.  Nereida, working in the coolest kitchen ever, gave me lessons on making the best tortillas, salsa and dessert, which we ate along with the most delicious meals by chef Martin.  I never imagined the food would be so good! Chito, the owner of the ranch, shared his leatherworking bench and expertise and helped us make our own authentic bracelets, followed by visiting with his 89 year old mother Donna Angela, a fun exchange.  We slept well in the spacious tents, complete with bed, linens, and a compost toilet. 


The transfer between Camp Sierra and Isla Espiritu was seamless, stopping to ‘kit out’ with wetsuits and snorkel gear.  Here we met our Island guide, Manuel, a wealth of knowledge and personality.  After a 30-minute boat ride to the island, we landed onto a perfect beach for two days of snorkeling, kayaking, visiting a green sea turtle cove and my favorite- snorkeling with sea lions.  And it wasn’t just sea lions – there were literally millions of sardines schooling, pelicans diving, and other activity above and below the water.  The sea lions were very playful, inquisitive and adorable doing summersaults, nibbling at the short rope attached to our life ring and playing with seashells.  Don received the best experience of getting hugged by a sea lion pup from behind! Don thought it was me at first, until the sea lion started nibbling on his snorkel!

Once again, the food was beyond amazing! The shrimp dishes were incredible! I think I gained 5 pounds – a pound for each wonderfully delicious day!

But really, it was the team in each location that made the trip so fantastic - from Roberto in the office to guides Andrea and Manuel, to chefs Martin and Ricardo to Nereida, Josue, Abraham and every other member of the team.  They made us feel like family and took excellent care of us. 


This trip was particularly special as it was donated to our Mission Wildlife annual fundraiser where the monies raised went to saving endangered species.  The owners of Todos Santos Eco Adventures Bryan and Sergio provided the package to Latitude Expeditions as wildlife conservation is dear to all our hearts.  Thank you to Bryan and Sergio so very much for their generosity and kindness in making this experience available for our auction.  I was lucky to be the highest bidder! :)


If you are considering a fun, active family get away in the Baja for the best value, please DM Linda at  ToSea’s facilities are open from November through April.

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