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The Allure of Morocco

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

If you imagine Morocco as the Sahara Desert with Berbers living in remote villages, people of Arabic heritage wearing djellabas and kaftans, and lively and colorful souks offering a variety of fine products, your vision would not be wrong; but you would be missing 90% of the magic of Morocco.

Experiences such as quad dune biking, photography, shopping, camel treks, hiking, visiting a Kasbah high in the Atlas Mountains, enjoying regional food and history beckon visitors to exotic Morocco.

One will surely be rewarded by the warmth of its people and their unique position in the world — they are devoted followers of the five pillars of Islam, which emphasize charity, tolerance and acceptance of others; and a modern society that has chosen to preserve its past, honor its heritage and roll out a welcome mat to the rest of the world.

To learn more about Morocco visit the Group Trips section on Latitude’s website to learn more about Latitude’s small group trip planned for Sept 2024 led by Anne Kay..

Or call or email to discuss a custom designed trip.

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