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A Dubai Stopover

Travelers to Africa and Asia often use a stopover in Europe to break up the long flights and to experience a couple of days of city life in inviting locales. Dubai offers one of the most culturally stimulating stopovers.

Rising from the desert, this modern city of skyscrapers, ornate mosques, man-made lagoons, traditional markets and glimmering modern shopping malls beckons the curious to learn more about this exotic destination. Just a short drive away visitors can escape the city and spend time in the desert: Maneuver a dune buggy through the golden deserts, enjoy a falconry demonstration, visit a Bedouin camp and enjoy the delicious food, music and dance.

A trip to the UAE is not complete without a visit to the “Manhattan of the Middle East”- Abu Dhabi, where wealth built on oil is in full display. Built on a natural island, the emirate includes several islands with lush greenery, amazing architecture, and vast expanses of desert where you can a) visit the world’s largest mosque with 24 carat gold gilded Swarovski crystal chandeliers and b) get behind the wheel of a Formula 1 racing machine.

Simply wow experiences to begin or end a journey with Latitude. #EastboundOfficial #DubaiTravel

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