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Alaska Adventure

I have been researching the best ways to explore Alaska/s legendary wilderness and have identified Nat/Geo’s Lindblad Expeditions as one of the truly, nimble, small ship offerings capable of sailing into hard-to-reach corners of the "Last Frontier.

If you are looking for an active, exciting expedition to see the region’s iconic wildlife and epic landscapes in the compact timeframe of one work week on an expedition ship that only holds 62 passengers, this is the perfect option to use as your moving basecamp as you hike through deep forests, kayak into the fjords, sight wonderful wildlife and visit ancient Alaskan villages.

All Room Categories include large view windows and 2 single beds, with Category 3 having 2 view windows and single beds convertible to doubles. Category 3 can include a third single bed as well.

A land-based rail trip to Denali National Park is also available as an option to extend the cruise based portion of this trip. The extension from Juneau is first class aboard the Alaska Railroad, and 6 nights at Grand Denali Lodge.

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