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Arctic Circle Revisited - Guide's Overview

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

One year ago, June of 2022, Linda & I spent 7 days aboard Oceanwide Expeditions' Hondius, cruising along the coast of Svalbard (an island north of Norway) from Longyearbyen, stopping near Spitsbergen, then heading inside the 80th parallel to the polar ice pack, pivoting around to the Eastern Greenland coast and back across the Greenland Sea to Svalbard.

Below is video discussion with George, our Assistant Expedition Leader, who provides an overview of the sights and the elaborates an incredible story about the first hot air balloon expedition to the North Pole.

More info about Andree and his misadventures can be found at links below with great photos from 1897 in the 2nd link:

A short list of our sightings: polar bear, walrus, reindeer, harp seal, dolphin, ringed seal, beluga whale, minke whale, bowhead whale, killer whale, many species of birds including fulmars, puffins, guillemots, arctic terns, king eider and eagles

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