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Beauty from Brutality

Traveling in Africa over the last few years gave me the opportunity to meet Kate Wilson, founder of Mulberry Mongoose, a truly inspirational and energetic entrepreneur and CEO of a company founded in Zambia that has gone above and beyond to provide meaningful employment opportunities for women in the villages that surround the beautiful camps in Zambia. Kate followed her husband back to the wilds of Southern Africa, bringing her two young children from London, and reinvented her calling to create award winning jewelry from reclaimed poachers' snare traps and local organic materials. Beauty from brutality is a theme that supports conservation efforts to fight poachers' who prey on the animals in Zambia.


Mulberry Mongoose specializes in empowering a team of rural Zambian women and gentlemen by training and skill development in jewelry creation, business management and business strategy. They have been nominated for The Earth Shot prize and written about in National Geographic, Departures, The Washington Post and seen in British Vogue. 


I fell in love with her and her jewelry visiting the "factory" near Mfuwe and am proud owner of several pieces that celebrate Zambia's people and resources. When my daughter, Meg, visited the "factory" at another time, she actually picked out the exact same necklace style  I had chosen for myself. We now share a common piece to commemorate our love for Africa. I encourage all our guests to see the jewelry that is in the gift shops of camps  throughout Southern Africa,. Cheers to Kate on the week following International Women’s Day!

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