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Expanding Our Latitude

Latitude Expeditions is excited to announce the addition of two new team members who are adding geographical depth to our team as well as a relatively youthful perspective.  Please join us in welcoming Brand Ambassadors Courtney Rivera, who is Virginia based and Kolby Sumskis who is based in Colorado. With their knowledge and connections we are focused on more multi-generational and family-oriented destinations throughout our portfolio, within the countries we operate as travel experts.

The Latitude Expeditions Brand Ambassador program is part-time role for travel enthusiasts to introduce their social and business contacts to Latitude as well as to travel with friends and family to the range of places we represent.

Courtney has just launched her own social media marketing business, having just come from the role of Senior Producer – Social Media with the Washington Commanders. Kolby is owner of a luxury estate or second-home property management company in Steamboat Springs

To learn more about Courtney visit her bio page : .  Kolby’s Bio is found at:

Click arrows for slideshow of some of 2023 top destinations

A special shout out to our trusted partners throughout the world who are assisting us in training them in depth on the destinations, as well as refreshing the rest of our team. Education and experience is key to our ability to properly create wonderful experiences and long-term memories for our clients.

While they will be initially dependent on other team members' direct experience and knowledge,

we have already put some trips in motion for them to come up to speed. We are pleased that Courtney will be traveling to South Africa in April to enhance her

knowledge of the properties, services and activities we can offer there.

We are overjoyed to add these new talents to our team.

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