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Eyre Peninsula & Kangaluna Camp

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Australia’s Eyre Peninsula is a wildlife haven off the beaten track with amazing geographical features that present yet another choice for visitors in this multidimensional destination. We ventured to the peninsula in South Australia to check out the amazing koala population near Port Lincoln, where sighting Koalas in trees, often at eye level, was like being on an Easter egg hunt. Thought to have as many as 500-600 Koalas on a private station, a.k.a. a farm, our partners in Australia are given exclusive access to this area where one can spend hours photographing these cuddly looking creatures. Other highlights include swimming with the sealions off the coast near Streaky Bay and the abundance of Grey Kangaroo, Red Kangaroo and Euros (common walleroos) throughout the landscape.

We had the pleasure of glamping at Kangaluna Camp where many roos and birds visited the camp’s waterhole at daylight and dusk. A true highlight of our trip Down Under!

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