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Curated Comfort in a Truly Immersive Experience - Tanzania Style

Entara Does Safari Differently and in Doing So, the Community Responds

Last November Bob and I had the pleasure of visiting with the Entara Safari team and staying in four of their properties as a means to discover a more basic, affordable safari experience within Tanzania.  Every detail is considered, to enable the team of expert local guides and hosts to welcome guests into their wild world – even for just a few days.


One of our favorite camps was Kisima Ngeda, located in the Manyara district in Western Tanzania.  Here we were not only able to fly camp, but we were able to follow along (actually run through the bush) with young men and dogs, members of the Hadzabe tribe, whose daily survival depends on bow and arrow hunting of small game, mongoose, warthogs, and birds and gathering fruits and nuts.  Learning about this small tribe where only 1200 members remain was both interesting and unfathomable in this modern world.  This tribe lives out on the land, sleeps under the stars and members survive exclusively on the traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyle.


While we were at camp, we and our fellow agents had access to two tents, the staff dormitory and the common area and pool- the only structures still standing from a fire that ripped through the camp just 7 weeks before our arrival.  Despite valiant efforts to save the camp, the team could not control the strong winds that caused the fire to jump the fire breaks. 


Amidst the chaos, the community rallied in solidarity.  Hundreds of villagers joined the firefighting team, including the elderly, mothers and children, wielding pots, gourds, and water bottles.  Their resilience was inspiring as they held firm against the flames and smoke and were able to protect the structures they found still standing.  Following the ordeal, the village elders conducted a cleansing ceremony, symbolizing the collective effort to rebuild and heal.  The outpouring of donations, both in labor and hard-earned money underscored their commitment to rebuilding the camp that has become a vital part of the community. 


With unwavering determination, the team embarked on a mission to reconstruct the camp with improvements.  By January, six tents were rebuilt; and the final two are nearing completion.  The new tents have airy interiors, ample natural light, and breathtaking views of the estuary, springs, and surrounding landscape for which the camp is renowned.


Despite the adversity, the Entara team took solace in the community's resilience, and in being able to welcome back guests.  Despite significant loss, the spirit of unity in the aftermath is testament to Kisima Ngeda’s valued place in both its environment and among its people.

Not only did we enjoy the permanent camps, but we also had a fabulous time fly-camping, true camping surrounded by the sounds and beasts of nature.  Immersive is not just a buzzword for the Entara team – it is the foundation that all safari experiences, travel and accommodations are based. 

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