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Welcome To Australia

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Small town hospitality, a deep Aboriginal history, a population descended from petty thieves, transported as labor to form a new British colony for the British Empire after America’s independence, Devils in distress, habituated forester kangaroos curious to meet you, wobbling wombats, cat like creatures known as quolls, elusive brushtail possums, the strangest art museum built underground from the personal art collection of David Walsh (a genius, social misfit billionaire who has been banned from the gambling world with his ability to outmaneuver casinos, lotteries and the horse racing), beautiful vistas, winding roads, towering evergreens, opportunities to learn the science of beekeeping and the farming of oysters, enjoying fine wines, the exceptional culinary offerings at Saffire Freycinet, a surprising vibrant youthful town of Hobart with 200k citizens . Australians and their visitors enjoy world class music, hiking, biking, sailing, scuba, golf, water sports, green parks, sport (mostly Footy), fine restaurants and local art galleries. We will be here nine weeks, stay tuned for more blog posts of adventures down under.

The kind, second cousin of mainland Australia; this is Tasmania. You could disappear there and be entirely content.


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